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5 Essentials to Become a WordPress Development Expert

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When you are beginning with development, the learning curve is easier to crack if you have chosen WordPress. It is the right direction you have chosen. As a programmer, when you are a beginner it is important to know the right resources for development and only then proceed with that technology for development.

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For the record, development in WordPress is easier because of the available resource for it. It is important that you know coding but it is more important for you to know the right kind of resources that are available online so that you simplify the process of development and improve the quality of development. These resources also help in saving time and effort making your tasks of development easier. But, there is small hurdle that you need to meet with. You can take online tutorials to get started with learning languages for WordPress development.

All you need to know PHP, CSS & HTML to start with WordPress Technology!

The real reason that WordPress is so popular is because of the convenience if offers along with the ease in looking for options for building a highly customized website. Also, there is a great community of WordPress Development Specialists that are ready for help at all times.

Go for WordPress Theme Tweaking!

If you are about to begin learning development with WordPress, you must about WordPress theme tweaking and improving the theme in order to avail robust and highly functional WordPress websites. This is the reason that most of the WordPress websites are theme based.

Theme tweaking is very easy with a few simple steps and use of plugins and extensions. Then there WordPress page builders, free WordPress themesand Premium WordPress Themes.

Start with WordPress Customization

As I beginner, I recommend you to start with Custom WordPress Development. For this reason, you can easily create a website and also learn the very basics of development. Also, here I am assuming that you are well versed with the basic fundamentals of WordPress development. WordPress offers amazing and easy functions for customization.

Use custom functions and plugins for development and tweak the selected theme for WordPress development. If you have selected a readymade theme, things are easier. Although you can also start from the very scratch to make your development process challenging. But for whatever reason, you need to be well-versed with WordPress Customization System.

Remember, for tweaking a theme, you need not have the entire file system for WordPress. But you will require – index.php and style.css files to start with customization of the wordpress site. These files are important for the purpose of basic appearance and styling of the Front End of the website.

This is the best way to start learning development in WordPress and then eventually become a WordPress Development Expert. Customization process lets you explore the tools and resources and therefore enhances your skills in WordPress development.

Next Step: Plug In & Customization Development

We all are aware of the importance of plugins and customization in WordPress development. There are more than 50,000 plugins being used to extend the functionalities of WordPress sites. These plugins are indeed a blessing for WordPress developers.  Once, you gained experience in creating custom wordpress themes or website, and then you can proceed with building WordPress by installing plugins that can extend the functionality further.

You can also develop a plugin as per your needs. WordPress plugins help in creating highly customized WordPress websites. Now, this can be the challenging part of WordPress development. To develop plugin for a custom wordpress website, all you need is a lot of practice. Get your basics right and take guidance from WordPress Development Specialists. Once you have a gained experience in development plugins, then you are on your path to become a WordPress Development Expert.

I will be coming up with a series of posts for beginners in WordPress development, so keep tuned in for more in WordPress open source development.

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Originally Posted on : blogspot.co.uk

Sunday, 13 March 2016

How To Recover The Site Speed For Your Wordpress Website?

Are you getting limited traffic on your Wordpress blog? Have you checked the speed at which your website pages load? If not, there is no better time than now to test your Wordpress website speed. When a website loads at an abnormally slow speed, viewers will obviously feel discouraged to explore every corner of your website. It would be a torture to watch your website appear piece by piece and readers are likely to hurl their computers out the window if they encounter irritatingly slothful web experience.

From images to plugins, everything about your Wordpress website matters when it comes to increasing your website performance. If you are not thorough with Wordpress maintenance, you better ask the Wordpress development specialist to take it over. You will need expert’s opinions and skills to recover the website speed.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Google begins massive migrations of their blogs from blogspot.com to googleblog.com

Google begins their own site migration project for their official Google blogs. Will they listen to their own site migration advice?

John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, announced that Google is migrating all their official blogs off the blogspot.com domain name and onto the more official googleblog.com domain name. The reason is to help users understand that these are official blogs managed and operated by Google.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Apple creates a general support channel on Twitter

Apple has expanded its presence on Twitter, adding an English-language general support channel — called simply @AppleSupport — which it says will be tweeting out tips and tricks, as well as offering to help users with any Apple-related questions they may have.

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“We’re here to provide tips, tricks and helpful information when you need it most, and if you have a question, well — we’re here to help with that too,” the @AppleSupport Twitter blog reads.

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Although a mere three hours old at this point the account has already amassed more than 35,000 followers, and fielded a swathe of questions from Twitter users — from queries about why calendar entries are disappearing to frayed MacBook cables to iCloud backup woes and plenty more besides (including a few folks trying their luck to ask about future product news, and getting a polite ‘we don’t comment on future products’ response from the support staff).

The first tip the account tweeted was a ‘how to’ photo guide for the Notes app, showing how to turn bog standard lists into active check lists…

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It’s not the first official Twitter support channel that Apple has created, by any means. There was already an Apple Music Help Twitter account, for example, and the official App Store twitter account has been around since fall 2009. While the Beats by Dr Dre brand has also had a Twitter support account since 2012 — long before Apple acquired the company.

But Apple creating an overarching Twitter Support account aimed at fielding any/all Apple-related queries feels a bit more significant than siloed support accounts for particular services. Could it be that Apple is expanding its public-facing presence as it steps up its legal fight with the FBI over encryption and iOS security?

Or perhaps it’s just trying to cover more customer support bases, given that Twitter is a common outlet for people to tweet complaints when their gadgets and gizmos go wrong.

Apple puts a lot of emphasis on customer support as part of its premium brand positioning. So providing another public support channel should further bolster the perception of strong after-sales services — even if there’s an element of it somehow seeming slightly out of character for Cupertino to so publicly engage with discussions of product problems in public. But then we are now well into the Tim Cook Apple era which has been characterized as having a more open attitude to publicity and business information than the Apple of old.

Safe to say, Apple Support putting both feet on Twitter is probably not a sign that Cupertino might be interested in buying Twitter — but, hey, we can dream…

We’ve reached out to Apple to see if it has anything to say about its decision to embrace Twitter as a general support channel and will update this story with any response.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

2016 is mobile-ready: Are you prepared to adopt mobile app for your business?

Mobile app usage is setting new frontiers every day. Year by year the number of users who choose to use mobile over desktop to satisfy their needs is increasing day after day. The number shown by 2015 is way too surprising. As digital devices become the first choice for global customers, mobile apps become the heart of digital solutions.
The maturity of mobile devices has picked up very fast and every smallest personal need of an individual is frequently taking the shape of a handy app. In this time of fast-paced, dynamic and technically rich culture, Flurry’s insight into the global influence of mobile app gives the real-time value to mobile app developers and enterprises seeking a strong web presence for their businesses.

The numbers studied by Flurry Analytics:

Here is the report on of Flurry Analytics on how mobile apps dominate the digital market and how frequently users tend to gravitate to their digital devices.
The last year bore witness to staggering increase in Mobile app usage that went up by 58%. Phablet users spent more time on their devices, which grew 334% so far.
Flurry has explored 2.1 billion smart devices and the research could conclude with the fact that in mature industries like mobile apps, retaining existing users overwhelm the efforts to acquire the new ones in the market.

2015 gave us the number that turned the belief around: 40% of the total 58% growth is contributed by existing users as compared to 20% and 10% respectively in 2014 and 2013. Another detailed report from Flurry reveals that people are becoming mobile addicts at a faster rate, more than ever imagined.

Report has it that:

Existing users are getting more engaged with mobile apps that make their everyday life easy and enjoyable. These are the kind of apps that gain immense loyalty from customers. The constant interest and unbounded curiosity of existing mobile users encouraged them to indulge in smart, interactive features of expressive apps. As already mentioned, compared to earlier years, 2015 saw more existing users joining the world of mobile app usage.

Utilization of mobile apps is limitless

Readers and explorers enthusiastically showed their interest in the digital solutions for meeting their reading need. Their thirst to stay informed and updated took them on a road that ended at tapping of the finger on their mobile screen. In 2015, a Flurry analytics counted almost 135% of users who choose to use News and Magazine apps. This shows how people have moved to Mobiles and Phablets from their orthodox choices like Desktop and Television.

Because Google Drive, Docs, OneDrive and the Microsoft productivity Suite are among the ones that have been on the top of teenager’s minds, it can be said that Productivity apps are also making their mark on the glowing face of digital solutions. Phablets and mobiles are seen as a primary means to access the email and other productivity apps that help users store the wealth of information without any constraints of time, location and maintenance measures.

At the time of discussing people’s approach towards getting a good lifestyle value and living standards, luxury and comfort are the most crucial parameters. Lifestyle and Shopping Mobile apps fit into this trend-specific requirement, which is why in 2015 these apps accounted for 40% on the sphere of worldwide online commerce.

What do customers like about mobile apps?

Since customers much appreciate the personalized way of correspondence, apps that focus on Emoji keyboards and lock-screens tend to make a deeper impact on the users. Some of the best media platforms where people constantly go and interact are Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Vibers and Snapchat.

Entertainment and gaming are also putting magical effect on users who seek good times in their leisure. More and more customers are showing their fad about gaming industry producing super-exciting games for game lovers. So, 2016 is likely to see new revolutionary game applications absorb widely.

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Facebook Enhances Everyone’s Like With Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry Buttons

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Humanity has been boiled down to six emotions. Today after tests in a few countries, Facebook is rolling out its augmented Like button “Reactions” to all users.
This article has been boiled down to six emotions too.
Facebook Reactions Animation

LikeLike – Facebook designed Reactions so Liking is still as easy ever. You’ll see the Like button on every post, but now if you tap and hold on it (or hover on desktop), the Like will expand to reveal the other emotions: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. Drag your finger across and you can select one.
Now instead of a Like count, posts will display the total Reaction count, and show the icons of the most popular Reactions. This way, Facebook doesn’t have to clutter the feed with individual counts of each emotion. If you do want to know the breakdown, you can tap the Reaction count and see who felt what.
This design is smart because if you don’t want to use Reactions, you don’t have to, and there aren’t six buttons on every post.
LoveLove – Reactions were created after Mark Zuckerberg told his team “I want to really make it easy for people to give other types of feedback than the Like button in News Feed” according to News Feed engineering manager Tom Alison. Sometimes when a friend shares a post about a tragedy or something that annoys them, it doesn’t feel right to Like it, and commenting can be awkward, but you still want to express empathy.
For example, if something sad happens to a friend, Liking isn’t right, but adding a generic “sorry” comment can feel cold. By hitting the animated Sad button, you can express your condolences and solidarity. With any luck, this will encourage people to be more vulnerable on Facebook. Instead of the constant Success Theater where people only share the highlights of their lives, they might be more real with their friends.
Wow 2Wow – By adding Reactions, Facebook will now have a much more accurate perception of what we feel and what kind of posts resonate with each of us. It could eventually use that knowledge to better filter the News Feed to show more things that Wow us.
Facebook writes “if someone uses a Reaction, we will infer they want to see more of that type of post. In the beginning, it won’t matter if someone likes, “wows” or “sads” a post. Over time we hope to learn how the different Reactions should be weighted differently by News Feed to do a better job of showing everyone the stories they most want to see.”
Eventually, if you enjoy getting your blood pumping, it could show you more posts that stir up Angry reactions. Or if you’re addicted to cute cats, it could surface more Loveable pet photos.
HahaHaha – We comment “Lol” on so many posts that Facebook thought there could be a simpler way. To design Reactions, it looked at the most common one-word comments and stickers used on News Feed posts, grouped them together, and found that these six emoji capture almost every way people feel across cultures.
By standardizing emotions, Facebook could make it easier for people to connect across language barriers. I might know enough Spanish to read a friend’s post, but not how to comment with any kind of complexity. Now I can leave a Reaction, and be confident they understand what I mean.
 SadSad – Facebook seems to have blatantly copied Path’s design for the expandable Like button with extra emotions, yet refused to acknowledge the fellow social network as an inspiration when I asked.
Facebook has always been cavalier about poaching ideas from others, all the way back to the social network’s origin at Harvard. More recently it’s taken to mimicking Twitter’s real-time and trending features, and Snapchat’s ephemerality and content capturing with apps like Poke and Slingshot.
Sometimes there’s just a Right way to design something, and it’s hard to build it differently once you’ve seen it. But tech companies can’t seem to just accept the idea of influences, and no one ever wants to admit they were inspired by someone else.
AngryAngry – There’s still no “Dislike” button, and that’s sure to piss some people off.
Facebook Reactions How To
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